Poses to Boost Fertility

Becoming a mother is womanhood’s greatest achievement. It is one of the most satisfying accomplishments a woman could ever have. The sense of fulfillment a mother attains is priceless. But what would it be like if a woman fails to bear a child?  One of the major causes of infertility is stress. It is no […]

Strengthening Your Arms While Protecting Injured Wrists

Wrist injury is very common when you are involved in any physical activity. A lot of people who practice yoga, especially the Ashtanga practice that includes arm balances, have this experience. Our wrists aren’t designed to hold a lot of weight. Progressions to strengthen the wrists before the actual posture help decrease the chance of […]

Yoga For Stress Relief

Yoga is a stress relieving practice all on its own. The goal of yoga is to clear and stretch both the mind and body. However, not all yoga poses are equal. Some yoga poses are specifically designed to promote relaxation, tension relief, and restfulness. Here are some of the best yoga poses to help battle […]

How this Vinyasa Flow Can Help with Period Cramps

Ladies, as much as we have learned to accept that our monthly cycles are a part of life and a sign of reproductive health, the “fun” side effects that tag along never seem to get easier. The mood swings, bloating and cramps are little reminders that we are in fact women. If you exercise daily, […]