about Kate


A teacher asked me once what I liked about yoga. I said it gave me a chance to escape from myself. I didn’t like myself very much and those moments on the mat took me away to a peaceful place that the bullshit couldn’t penetrate. I’ve since realised that, of course, that peaceful place is me and the bullshit is a construct of my mind. What a revelation…enlightenment here I come! Not surprisingly, the ‘little me’ was not going down without a fight and started throwing up all kinds of resistance to me getting downward dog with it.

It’s a process. Going beyond that resistance. And every day is different. But I learnt that listening to my body and practising in accordance with what it needed at that point in time was the surest way forward (even if it was in a two steps forward, one step back kind of way). I had to let go of what I thought my practice should look like and how I thought I should be as an aspiring yogini and work with where I was at, at each moment. Maybe I never will be the bendiest pretzel in the packet but these days I would rather be the happiest and most compassionate.

I’m Kate, a Yoga Alliance qualified teacher who has had the honour to study with some truly inspiring teachers including Simon Borg-Olivier of Yoga Synergy, the Mohans of Svastha Yoga (long time students of Krishnamacharya), Lance Schuler of INSPYA Yoga, Diane Long (long time student of Vanda Scaravelli) and Vedic meditation teacher Tim Mitchell. Committed to my own personal and professional development, I recently completed a course with Rainbow Kids Yoga for teaching yoga to children and I am part way through a yoga therapy course with Svastha Yoga.

I encourage students to be their own teacher by reconnecting to the wisdom of their body by focusing on awareness and observation and allowing the process to unfold without force. I would rather know that you are smiling in child’s pose than see you going red in the face forcing your foot behind your head. I teach Hatha yoga and my classes include asana, pranyama and meditation. I also love, love, LOVE a good yoga nidra session.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.